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SlasherS Tourney Schedule : Provide by I-Tourney
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一月 2019

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 Razer Megalodon Review


Posts : 26
Join date : 09-08-28
Age : 25
Location : malaysia

帖子主题: Razer Megalodon Review   周五 九月 18, 2009 7:19 pm

After the Piranha,this time we have the prevailed Megalodon on our
shores. The first Razer’s dedicated sound processing unit Maelstorm is
been used for the Megalodon,what’s compelling with the Megalodon?First
we’d like to say it’s a 7.1 surrond headphones,it’s
on par with the Steelseries’5H V2,in this review we expect aggressively
from this Megalodon as it’s the first debuted headphones with a sound
processing unit.

Before we penetrate further into review,let’s see the technical specification for the Megalodon.

  • Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 O at 1kHz
  • Sensitivity (@1kHz, 1V/Pa): 102 ± 4dB at 1 kHz
  • Max. Input Power: 200 mW
  • Drivers: 40 mm, with neodymium magnets


  • Frequency Response: 50 - 16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity (-37 ± 4dB @1kHz, 1V/Pa): Variable (user adjustable)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 50 dB
  • Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional

The megalodon
has a pair of mighty sponge cups to cater better comfortableness for
user,the sponge cups fit snugly into your ears without any
problems.Technically,the megalodon aint an elucidated noise-filtering
headphones,but the cups did a great job in isolating partial of the
noises.Listening to songs are undoubtedly pleasant,the megalodon yields
out a deep thumbling bass and crystal-clear sounds even at high
volumes.Basically,the sound’s deterioration in high volume are barely
Contemplating the limelight-Maelstrom processing unit,the megalodon
has 2 modes allowing users to change into 2.1/7.1 surround
mode.However,we experienced most of the songs are perfectly listened at
2.1 mode,in fact there were several degradation in the 7.1 surround
mode.For our pontification,we deemed that the 7.1 mode will only works
superbly with condition that the content has to be a 7.1 surrond
mastered file.
We tried playing 17again by Zac Efron with the megalodon,it simply
works like when we were in a theater.The sounds coming from numerous
ways are noticed in such obvious,we are delighted with the emulated 7.1
surround environment.

Big big cups meant to be more comfort and have better fidelity.

The maelstorm pad is quite intuitive,pressing the “snake” logo will
changes you to either 2.1/7.1 surround environment.While users can
adjust the particular speaker’s
volume by using the black ring.For your information,each of the speaker
is customizable with different volumes.The bottom has 3 control buttons
for the microphone at a glance,users can choose to adjust the
microphone’s sensitivity as well as the volume.
[razermegalodon_testing](Click Me!!)

The bundled stand came along with the Megalodon has 2 magnets to
stick with the Maelstorm controller.It appeared decently with the
stand,else we have no idea hanging the controller.

The megalodon came with an exclusive caring case,you can carry the megalodon to anywhere with ease.

The megalodon does not requires any drivers to install,it’s plug and play!Detection would only takes seconds to complete.

We spent almost 2 hours reviewing the giant megalodon,gaming and
listening songs are essential with the present of the megalodon.Sound
quality is above average perhaps thanks to the boon of Maelstorm
processing unit as well as the gold plated cable.Here,we would like to
underscore that the cable is extremely durable as it’s made with
specially braided fiber sheath,mere tugs and pulling will not causes
any contact issues.If you are an avid ‘lan-partier’ and frequently
plays in noisy environment yet yerns for distinctive sound
quality,hence the Megalodon could be a great choice.
In regards of the packaging and the detailed shots,we placed them on
a photo gallery as usual.Readers can take some glimpses at the bottom.

User Friendliness10/10(No driver is required)
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Razer Megalodon Review
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