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SlasherS Tourney Schedule : Provide by I-Tourney
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一月 2019

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 CM Storm Sentinel Advance Review


Posts : 26
Join date : 09-08-28
Age : 25
Location : malaysia

帖子主题: CM Storm Sentinel Advance Review   周五 九月 18, 2009 7:20 pm

CM Storm-A new player in high performance gaming
mice after Steel Series and Razer,CM Storm is actually a company of
Cooler Master.Initially they were starting to enrolled in *** gaming
and followed by gaming mice.In this article,we have got the CM Storm
Sentinel Advance in the testbed,thus it’s still quite early to be
unveiled officially.For its class,the Sentinel Advance will be likely
the flagship of its mice offerings.

First impression,the Sentinel Advance built’s was broad and nice to
grip.The ergonomics of gripping is quite pleasurable as the front edge
is sharp and followed by the wide right handed-body.Its appearance is
merely a-like Microsoft’s Sidewinder while CM Storm had implemented a
plethora of innovative feature which its contenders do not have.Let’s
delve into the technical specification of the Sentinel Advance.
Tracking SensorDuo 5600DPI Laser Sensors
Programmable Memory64KB ‘Sentinel X Memory’
Programmable Buttons8
Response Clock1000Hz
Additional FeaturesX/Y DPI Management,6 Changeable Illumination Colors,OLED Customizable Logo,Rapid Fire tactical Mode
OLED DisplayYes
Weight SystemYes
With an impressively high-end tracking sensor at a whopping
5600DPI,the Sentinel Advance is on par with Razer Mamba and the Steel
Series Ikari(Could better than).Unlike Razer’s mice,CMStorm puts the
profile buttons at the top and with 2 navigation +/_ buttons for
maximum torque when user is attempting to change their desired profile.

The provided software came with a small CD which let’s user to
choose from driverless execution or to install in the pc.This is ideal
for nomad gamers whom traveling around with public gaming rigs.There
are many of things to play,for instance user may change the
illumination lamp to a variety of 6 colors,besides the’ must’ Macro and
Scripting capabilities were also assessable in the software.Gamers may
configure their desired actions in click,eliminating time to click is
the perfect way to win.. isn’t it.Basically,the software appeared to be
quite user friendly,it tells the buttons by denoting the number of
button at the illustrated mouse within the program.

Changeable illumination lamp turns wild when in dark environment.

We tested the Sentinel Advance with the CM Storm’s su***ce,thus we”ll be bringing to the testbed on the upcoming posts.

Here is another innovative feature which spotted in the Sentinel
Advance,customizable DPI for both X and Y axis,who said shooting must
be in the same pace?

Fabric wires for better wire stretching and management. Yes.. it’s more durable than conventional wires.

Customize the weight to suits gamer’s needs, increment starts with 4.5G.=)

The mighty sensor that drives the ‘weapon’.Twin Laser,Thumbs Up!

Package came with no extra things,we have got a steel stick to clamp the mouse wires with the CD itself.

For real time experience,we tested the Sentinel Advance in Left 4
Dead,FarCry3,RA3,scrolling and clicking are simply precise.But
sometimes we dont know it’s a pros for having a high sensitivity sensor.
For our hilarious case we have a subwoofer system below the
desk.When the subwoofer drives the whole table,the mouse cursor might
simply moved by the mere vibration caused by basses,however it does
proven that the sensor is darn sensitive with any movements.The only
improvement room that we perceived would be the clicking
mechanism,clickings sound can be improved to zero as it could be quite
annoy when in First Person Shooters(FPS).

Info Supplied
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CM Storm Sentinel Advance Review
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