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SlasherS Tourney Schedule : Provide by I-Tourney
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一月 2019

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 Razer Orochi Review


Posts : 26
Join date : 09-08-28
Age : 25
Location : malaysia

帖子主题: Razer Orochi Review   周六 九月 19, 2009 3:17 pm

Smells like a Mamba,scaled like a chic munk,but performs as well as
others do.The Razer Orochi is the second offspring of Razer’s Hybrid
mice solutions,also dubbed as the sibling of Mamba,Orochi has a
whopping 4000DPI in spite it’s scaled in such compact form.In this
season,we have a lot of ’snakes’ on the testbed,having more than one
mouse on the desk is literally the joy of what we are craving for.

Orochi is briefly a gaming
mouse designed for nomad gamers whom game with notebook computers while
not having to be compromised with the limitation of tiny mouse,in this
post we mean the ‘Speed’.
In regards of the specification,despite Orochi has a whopping
4000DPI tracking sensitivity,but it does only works in wired
mode,unlike Mamba users may experience full speed even in wireless
mode.Due to the limitation of Bluetooth technology,Orochi appears to
2000DPI in wireless mode.though it’s still acceptable for its class as
we knew all the features are shrinked into the little chic munk.If you
demand for more,then just plug in the wire and sprint to the maximum

Looks like a pair crap’s hands…both sibling meets on a Kabuto su***ce.

Razer Orochi
Razer Mamba
Tracking Sensor4000DPI Razer 3G Laser Sensor[2000DPI in wireless mode]5600DPI Razer Precision™️ 3.5G Laser sensor
Programmable MemoryRazer Synapse™️ On-board Memory[Size Info N/A]Razer Synapse™️ On-board Memory[Size Info N/A]
Programmable Buttons77
Response Clock[Polling Rate]1000Hz[125Hz at wireless mode]1000Hz
Additional FeaturesX/Y DPI Management,On-The-Fly Feature,Configurable Lighting,Dry AA batteries operatedX/Y DPI Management,On-The-Fly Feature,Configurable Lighting,Integrated Li-on Battery
OLED DisplayNoNo
Weight SystemNoNo
In note for wireless,Orochi connects with a pc in less than 5
seconds without the need of additional drivers.User might want to press
the 4 programmables button to activate the bluetooth pairing
service.Being filled with 2 AAs battery,Orochi
weights slightly heavier than it should.We are expecting for an
integrated lion battery like Mamba does which is more convenient for
the user.Nevertheless,Orochi doesn’t failed in gaming,it performed
unprecedentedly well in tracking and clicking,the shape ergonomically
fits our hand,no hands displeasure along the gameplay.

When its batman’s cover is taken off,Orochi’s nudity is infront of your sight.

The ON/OFF button is placed at the bottom of the sensor,turn on and it works on battery.

Orochi weary laid on my palm…XD

The activity led works as the indicator of battery,activity of pairing services.Splints in a tiny line!

I am sorry to have a mighty hand instead of small hand,my fingers
has overlength-ed the Orochi.I shall prefer to big mouse instead in no

Orochi comes with an exclusive carrying pouch.User may go anywhere
with the carrying pouch..everyone will notices it’s a Razer when just
by showing the pouch on.

Razer has redefined another cutting edge product for the mobility
market,this is the fastest ever gaming mouse we have seen.Despite it’s
sized at rather small form,but works decently with 3G laser
sensor.Nomad gamers can be delighted with the presence of gaming grade
performance packed in a small chic munk.But there are indeed several
improvements that could be done,for instance the battery can be
replaced with a dedicated lion-cell instead.More,the placement of
programmable buttons can be shifted to a single side,as user would get
wrong with both sided design.Else are just very exquisitely well,we
have nothing to rant for this ‘chic munk’.
In conjunction with the near coming Hari Raya,we would like to wish
everyone for a Resplendent Raya! Happy Raya!Spend all the holidays with
your family,try to get along with Muslim friends as we are One
Malaysia,dont we?=)

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