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十二月 2018

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 Sony Vaio P Review


Posts : 26
Join date : 09-08-28
Age : 25
Location : malaysia

帖子主题: Sony Vaio P Review   周五 八月 28, 2009 3:02 pm

time,we got an opportunity to review the Sony Vaio P,which this unit is
exclusively from the friend of our admin.The also Sony’s first netbook
category for their VAIO series,namely VAIO P is designed for ultimate
portability,it’s an unmatched netbook among the roads.Which is damn
anxious,we managed to slip in the VAIO P into our white school pant.
Like everyone perceived,Sony makes premium products,but also as its
price deserves.Inspite the VAIO pocket is slightly expensive than
nominal netbooks,but we found acceptable as VAIO P is more keen to UMPC footprint.

For the brief specification,

For your information Z series Atom processor is unlike N series,it’s
optimized for UMPC and has a lower power traits than N and 200/300
series.From our first glimpse,the VAIO Pocket has a pretty impressive
displays,even the pixels are finer than our cell phones.Displaying
texts and videos
are simply crisp and vibrant,we like the colors alot.Frankly,it’s a
netbook,reading and typing is aint hassle,we can clearly see the texts
without any problems.While the motion eye aka webcam is working great
in low light condition,unlike conventional webcam framerates are just

What’s saves up the space is the iconic IBM/Lenovo trackball among
the keys,navigating the cursor would be a little not use by newbie.But
we have get used the track ball within half an hour,overall it
navigates accurately.Besides,the keyboards
are well designed,which is isolated with each others,enhancing typing
experience.Particularly for people with long and big fingers.

2shortcut keys can be spotted in front of the lappie,one is a
programmable button,another is the media button which drives you to the
media page when clicked.We would say,the buttons are well spaced and
every room are utilized brilliantly.On the HDD part,we’d like to
compliment Sony for implementing the HDD protection for any shocks and
closing of the lid,we pretty liked it.

For real experience,loading our technology portal only takes seconds to
get reached,we did not sensing any of stress in performing a
surfing.While opening youtube are slightly slower,perhaps flash
contents might need plent of more rendering raw powers.The battery can
withstand for only 2hours++ in our hand,this could be slightly a weak
point for a netbook itself.We’d assume for approximately 4hours above
for any netbooks computer.
Final words,Sony VAIO P is simply a miniature artistic,for people
who being nomad and dont like to streched up its spine.Sony VAIO P is
definitely an ideal choice for them,everything was being excellent
besides the price and battery life.We’d like to give 7 out of 10.=)
Other snapshots,

Information supplied by
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Sony Vaio P Review
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